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Guide to Getting Started Working with Dogs

You love dogs and you love having a little extra money in your bank account, so why not combine the two and become a dog walker or sitter? Use this guide to help you get started, and you’ll be surrounded by four-legged companions in no time.

What You Need and Where to Get It

Whether or not you’re a dog owner, you know that caring for and handling a dog requires equipment, but what exactly do you need? Start with the basics, all of which can be purchased at your local department store, pet store, or online:

Safety Tips

As the caretaker of someone’s dog, it is your responsibility to not only keep them happy, but make sure the two of you are safe too. Keep these safety tips in mind:

How to Create Loyal Clients

You’ve got the supplies and you know how to make sure everyone, including the pooch, stays safe. What now? The most important step to launching a dog walking/sitting business is to attract loyal clients. Here’s how:

Use the tips and suggestions in this guide to successfully launch and maintain your dog walking/sitting business. Clients will be sure to give you four paws up!