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13 Portable Food and Water Bowls for your Roaming Rover

Travel is good thing for dogs. It gives them a chance to see and smell the sights and sounds of the world, exposes them to new experiences and people, and helps build the bonds that bind you. But it’s also kind of a pain trying to keep up with food and water for your world-traveling […]

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Hydration Station: 13 Water Bottles for Your Dog

Here’s a fun fact: Humans and dogs share 84% of our DNA. And just like us, dogs need to stay hydrated in order to properly fuel the function of each cell in their furry little bodies. While we can easily snag a bottle of water at the local Grab n’ Go, our pups require our […]

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11 Dog Leashes that Have a Hold on Us

Sit, stay, and fetch yourself a cup of coffee. You’re gonna want to take the time to read through this. Here, we’ve outlined the best leashes and leads for your canine companion. And while free roaming is always best, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and put little things like “safety” and “law” ahead […]

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8 Tasty Treats for Your Favorite Furry Friend

Your dog is a good boy or girl and deserves a treat that’s both good tasting and good for them. But how do you know which is the right treat for your pet’s palate? A lot of it is trial and error, but you can be assured that the following treats were formulated with your […]

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15 Harnesses for Your Hardest Adventuring Hound

Depending on your dog’s personality, a leash may not be the best restraint option when you’re out on the town together. No matter your dog’s size, if they tend to pull, they can incur severe neck or tracheal injuries when the bulk force of their actions is confined to a 1-inch-wide strap. Enter the dog […]

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