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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy During Your Move

You’ve decided to move to El Segundo, CA, and now you begin the process of packing up your home and pets and establishing roots in a new place. With over 1.1 million dog owners in Los Angeles County, it’s a good thing that the area offers so many dog-friendly activities. From parks to dining to local Meetup groups, you’re guaranteed to find something you and your dog can do together. But before you start exploring your new city, you have to get through the move. Here are eight tips on keeping your dog calm and happy during your move to El Segundo. 

Infographic by DogEtiquette.info


For more information:

1. Visit bringfido.com to find pet-friendly establishments.

2. Visit petco.com to order new ID tags.

3. Visit yelp.com to read vet reviews.

4. Visit humanesociety.org for advice on traveling safety for your dog.

5. Visit updater.com to learn how to pack a moving-day kit for your pooch.

6. Visit vcahospitals.com for tips on managing your pet’s stress.

7.  Visit aspca.org for more tips on moving with a pet.

8. Visit cesarsway.com to get tips on being calm and patient with your dog.


The moving process gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience for you or your dog. Our tips on moving with a pet will help eliminate some of the stress of relocating and allow you to focus on all of the exciting adventures that await you and your dog in El Segundo.