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13 Portable Food and Water Bowls for your Roaming Rover

Travel is good thing for dogs. It gives them a chance to see and smell the sights and sounds of the world, exposes them to new experiences and people, and helps build the bonds that bind you. But it’s also kind of a pain trying to keep up with food and water for your world-traveling canine companion. A pain until now, that is.

We’ve search, sorted, and selected the most sought-after travel dog bowls. We looked at price, customer ratings, features, and ease-of-use and narrowed the list down to the best 13. While that might sound like a lot, there are 1.2 million results for “portable dog bowl” on Google and more than 1,000 on Amazon. You can thank us later.

Here are the “paws” and cons of the best portable dog bowls.

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Hydration Station: 13 Water Bottles for Your Dog

Here’s a fun fact: Humans and dogs share 84% of our DNA. And just like us, dogs need to stay hydrated in order to properly fuel the function of each cell in their furry little bodies. While we can easily snag a bottle of water at the local Grab n’ Go, our pups require our foresight when heading out the door for an adventure.

Thankfully, we live in a world of innovation and convenience and that extends to our pets. A few dollars invested in a water bottle for the dog can mean the difference between them being parched and being present in the moment. If you’re ready to prevent your pup from drying out, you need a good water bottle and we’ve compiled a list of the best. Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.

Like always, we’ve broken down each to highlight their best features and dropped a few bullet points sharing the “paws” and cons you’ll face when selecting the best water bottle for your dog.

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11 Dog Leashes that Have a Hold on Us

Sit, stay, and fetch yourself a cup of coffee. You’re gonna want to take the time to read through this. Here, we’ve outlined the best leashes and leads for your canine companion. And while free roaming is always best, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and put little things like “safety” and “law” ahead of your dog’s desires to explore the big wide world.

A leash isn’t just a nylon strap that puts Poochie in a choke hold when he or she wants to wander. They are specially-designed restraints that let your dog know when they’ve gone too far. And aside from keeping King by your side, a good leash will keep him comfortable and prevent your hand from chaffing.

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